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By Investing in Briind - Our Flagship Product


Empower lives through positive use of technology

Promote healthy access to information

Enable people to do more of what they love

Stay Connected with Briind

Briind is the current flagship product of NowGenn. Stay connected with your social networks, organizations and associations with Briind.

Keep it Simple with Briind

Briind provides technical solutions that work the way you do in a platform that is easy to understand, access and use.

Be Informed with Briind

With Briind you can know what's happening in your communities and organizations.


Liberated with NowGenn

Our aim at NowGenn is to free you to live life! Don't be glued to your screen. Nowgenn connects people and organizations with similar interests. Together, they can enjoy fruitful, rewarding activities - online and in-person.

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Secure with NowGenn

NowGenn recognizes that everyone needs their personal space. Our directors have a strong background in cybersecurity and they know the importance of maintaining information security and privacy. One of the key values we bring is that anyone using a NowGenn product can rest assured that their information is protected with gold-standard methods.

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Empowered by NowGenn

NowGenn's mission is to help you invest time in doing things that you love, with real people, in the real world. 

Our goal is to connect, simplify, and inform. We aim to connect like-minded people who share the same passion, with simple and easy to use applications.  We keep you informed, thereby helping you focus on, and engage in the activities you enjoy.

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Be empowered by technology, not bound by it.

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